School Shooting Research Paper

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Imagine sitting in a desk when out of nowhere gunshots are heard. Panic strikes the classroom. The

teacher begins to become flustered and ridden with fear as fellow students grab phones to reach out to

others. Screams of sadness and despair are heard from the hallway while students and faculty run and

hide without knowing if survival is an actual reality. The threshold level of a fellow student has finally

been reached.

School shootings are a reality that are becoming more common at what could be said an upsetting rate.

As more shootings happen, more coverage is needed. Although these topics are hard for victims,

sources are needed to supply the public with what has happened.

Some journalist are a tough standstill on how to report …show more content…

Those who have just gone through an event, like a school shooting are likely emotional,” said


One of the main problems in interviewing shooting and traumatic event survivors is that a blurry line

exists between someone who has given consent with a clear mind and someone who has given consent

at a time where emotions are running high enough to cloud the mind. For instance if one has just

experienced a tragic death due to a school shooting, can they really be relied on to give an accurate


“You have to keep in mind if they are thinking logically enough to give consent,” said Browne.

Although the media needs sources for stories covering all topics, human emotions have to be taken into

mind. Marguerite Moritz, UNSECO Chair, has actively worked with the topic of reporting school


“Do not insist for someone to give you an interview, those who have just been part of a shooting are

most likely traumatized,” said Moritz.

If a source does not want to give an interview and the reporter urges on, it can give a bad reputation

considering everything can easily be shared on social media. In some cases, group interviews are

considered the most valuable option for people who have been part of a traumatic event because

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