Argumentative Essay On High School Shooting

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The topic of my current event is the Oregon Community College shooter and the detectives who shot him. I obtained this information from an online article by CNN. Last week, nine people were killed by Chris Harper-Mercer in Snyder's Hall at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Once the detectives reached the campus, they followed the sound of gunshots to a classroom where the shooter stood. He was in the doorway with 35 students still in the room. Douglas County District Attorney Rick Wesenberg announced that two detectives were approximately 15 feet away from the shooter when they felt they had a good target. They returned fire, and struck Harper-Mercer in the right side, but he would later go back into the classroom and shoot himself. The force used against the shooter was announced as justified. “These men saved …show more content…

They have recently been more publicized, and the number of casualties and victims has increased greatly in the past few years. Traumatic shootings like the Sandy Hook Elementary School and recent live television shooting that killed two people have brought up concerns over gun control. Politicians have been weighing in over the past few years, debating over stricter gun control laws. President Obama has spoken about the Oregon shooting, advocating for stricter laws and also voicing his concerns about stopping the next shooting. Presidential candidates like Ben Carson also commented on the shooting, saying what he would have done in the situation as a victim. This event, along with the other shootings in the past few years, have raised questions over the security in the nation. Shootings and bombings have happened on the streets, in schools, and in workplaces, causing many people to worry about themselves and their families. But with people taking sides over what to do with gun control laws, politicians and citizens will have to compromise to make achievements toward a safer United

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