High School Shooting Research Paper

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On Friday morning, two young girls were killed at Independence High School in Arizona. The shooting took place early in the morning before classes started. The two girls, fifteen years old and sophomores, appeared to be really good friends in a relationship. Names of the girls have not been released by the police. It appears to be a murder-suicide and that one girl shot the other before taking her own life. There was a suicide note found at the scene and both were announced dead at the scene. Their bodies were found lying next to each other by an administration building under a patio-type structure with the weapon lying next to them. There were not any known witnesses and the police do not think there is an outside suspect, as of right now. The investigation is still very early and not everything is known. From a video on CNN, the reporter said that the police were at the school within two minutes, took control, and the whole school was put on lock down. The investigation will continue and other suspects may be considered.…show more content…
These two girls had their lives ahead of them. Considering they may have been in a relationship together, I think that it is possible that one or both of them were insecure about their sexuality and may have been teased about it so she/they made the rash decision to end both of their young lives. Unfortunately, bullying about someone’s sexuality is prevalent in high schools and even in society. In my opinion, I don’t think that someone should be judged for have a different preference than what is “commonly accepted” and that everyone should be accepting of others choices and decisions because it could end in tragic events like this
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