Cause Of School Shootings

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According to Everytownresearch “Every one out of 30 schools from 2009 to 2012 had to deal with one of their students kindergarten through twelfth either having a gun or using a gun on school property.” Every time a school shooting or school massacre happens way more than they should and every time something like this happens they are getting worse each time. There are many causes to school shootings, ways schools are trying to respond the this kind of stuff happening, and examples of this kind of stuff that has happened in the world like the first school shooting, most massive, and the younger shooter to show what kind of stuff happens when something like a school shooting does occur. A school shooting is defined as “when a firearm was discharged…show more content…
One of the few reasons a student could cause a school shooting is because of childhood distress. Along with childhood distress this student could not like a specific class, a teacher they have, or another student. These types of school shootings can be the ones where little to no people are killed since there are most likely going after one teacher or to one class. Even if only one person is killed in a school shooting we can’t just ignore that fact. That one person could have been planning to make a huge difference in the world that could go on to help you in life, you never know what there potential in life was. That one person being killed could change millions of lives all because one person decided to make one bad choice. Another thing that goes along with childhood distress is if they have troubles during the day. These trouble could be with teacher and some students when they get in trouble they automatically think they are a bad student or a bad kid. They don’t see that the teacher could have just been trying to help them become better. They could also think that the teacher doesn’t like them and they won’t want to have that teacher anymore. If one student is called out they could automatically think “If the world think I am wrong, I will be wrong and solve this so they are right”…show more content…
This was the youngest shooter. This school shooting was done with a pistol that this boy obtained from his uncle when he left it in a shoe box loaded. When this six year old took this .32 semi automatic handgun and a knife with him to Theo J. Buel Elementary school something was bound to happen. A classmate of his reported him to the teacher for having a knife which was then taken away by a teacher, but nothing was said about him having a gun. They were switching classes and going from the first level of stairs to the second. Right before ten in the morning a classmates of the six year old named Chris Boaz saw this school shooting happen right in front of him. Chris Boaz said, “The six year old said, “I don’t like you” Kayla Rolland had her back to him, then turned and asked, as a challenge, “so?” The boy, who had first pointed the gun at another classmate, swung around and fired a single bullet that entered Kayla’s right arm and traveled through her vital organs” (Rosenblatt). The girl grabbed her stomach then neck trying to gasp for air, but she was unable to. The six year old boy who had just shot Kayla ran to the bathroom and threw the gun into the trash. The bathroom was his only safe spot for now. He was too young to be charged so his uncle that left the gun laying around loaded was charged with involuntary manslaughter, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and gross neglect (Rosenblatt).
Even though
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