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One Gun + One Bullet = Death among Millions Violence in the world can be described as a violent trend that will continue to become more violent with each new passing generation. The argument is that guns are the reason for violence in today’s society and it begins with just the simple purchase of one gun. It begins with hurtful words that turn to taking a shot at the enemies that appear right in front of the daily population. Gun violence is becoming more and more prevalent today. The article titled “New Gun Laws Won’t Save Lives” by Jim Lucas really grabs the readers attention making them want to read it. This attention of the reader was in fact to make someone think about the hard choices made by today’s society. In Jim Lucas’ …show more content…

He doesn’t come right out and set up the argument, he works up to it and gives statistics to back it all up. He wants readers to think about what the outcome is when those violent acts break in the news stories. Lucas then continues on the path of the Sandy Hook murderer Adam Lanza saying he “broke numerous gun laws that day” (“New Gun Laws Won't save Lives."). It is a fact that Lanza broke laws to make the fantasy of a game come to life. These laws are Connecticut state laws and there were four broken, “first you must be twenty-one to possess a handgun, second you need a permit to carry a pistol, third is that it is unlawful to possess a firearm on public or private property, and fourth Connecticut law bans possession of assault weapons” ( Zahn, "Gun-control Laws Failed Connecticut Children."). These are just a few laws broken among a lot more. Every law made is meant to be broken by those who push the limits to see just what they could get away with. “Of course, these laws were violated because Lanza did not own any of the firearms in question, but rather stole them, and he clearly had no regard for the law in committing his crime” (Zahn, "Gun-control Laws Failed Connecticut Children."). This reinforces the fact that most of these people who commit these …show more content…

He first states that “there are 86 Americans killed every day with firearms” (Lucas, "New Gun Laws Won't save Lives."). This statement alone should set off some red flags somewhere because this means that the law makers aren’t doing a very good job on what they put in place to keep Americans safe. He follows up by saying “there are approximately 2.5 million deaths in America each year, with approximately 31,000 deaths by firearms.”(Lucas, "New Gun Laws Won't save Lives.") Again red flags should be shooting up for the law makers, which is where his point is implied. However, the majority of those 31,000 firearm deaths are suicides. Lucas keeps adding fuel to the fire by saying “according to the FBI, there were about 8,700 gun homicides in 2011” ("New Gun Laws won’t save Lives."). These numbers are to scare the reader to see that even a small can hit close to home when one of those numbers is a family member, friend, or an

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