Gun Control Changes

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Gun Control: What we need to change. Have you heard about the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident? Well this essay is trying to help prevent that from ever happening again. This essay is also trying to inform people why we need to change and what we can do to change. As of 2009, the United States has a population of 307 million people. Based on production data from firearm manufacturers, there are roughly 300 million firearms owned by civilians in the United States as of 2010. Of these, about 100 million are handguns. At the 2013 homicide rate, roughly one in every 285 Americans will be murdered in the course of their lives. In the 10-year period from November 30, 1998 to December 31, 2008, about 96 million background checks for gun purchases …show more content…

“A report published by the FBI last year, studying active shooting situations between 2000 and 2013, found that that these kinds of incidents were happening more and more recently. The first seven years of the study found an average of 6.4 active shootings per year, while the last seven years of the study found that number jumped up to 16.4 incidents per year.” In other words the FBI did a study on how many incidents happened. They found out that in the last seven years, 16.4 incidents with guns happened per year. In the last fourteen years the amount of incidents went from 6.4 to 16.4. That proves that over the years, the number of incidents will rise if we do not make new and improved policies and laws on gun …show more content…

According to a CNN online article, “8 killed - August 20, 1982 - In Miami, 51 year old history teacher Carl Robert Brown, angry about a repair bill and armed with a shotgun, kills eight people at a machine shop [...] He was on leave from school for psychological treatment.” In other words, when Brown got his gun, he had to have been through a mental screening. That mental screening wasn't good enough. He had a gun and killed eight people, when that could have been easily avoided. According to CNN, “Only weeks before his rampage, Holme’s psychiatrist was alerting police at his university about his behavior - a drastic step for any mental health professional to take. Yet, Holmes was able to obtain his weapons with ease.” This situation is similar Brown’s case. They are similar because both of the incidents could have been avoided by better, more harsh, mental screenings and background

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