Strict Gun Control Laws

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Having strict gun control laws would prevent civilians from protecting themselves against attackers and invaders. While there is a call for strict gun control laws it is impossible for the law makers and law enforcers to protect everyone all the time so having this in place prevents a person from his own protection. Gun ownership allows persons to be protected and this is not something gun control does effectively. The Pew Research Center, which is well known for conducting numerous types of research, has conducted many surveys on this issue and one important trend noticed is that there is more support by Americans for gun rights when compared to gun control. Based on interviews done, 52% of the persons said it was more important to protect …show more content…

Whether mentally ill or not, there will still be persons who obtain guns illegally. In many countries with the advancement of technology and the need for the use of the internet on a rise, many persons use and have access to the Dark Web which is used to obtain items which are deemed to be illegal. When we look at Seung-Hui Cho a Korean who committed a mass killing in Virginia, he would have had a more difficult time getting possession of guns he used to on innocent students and teachers at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg. However, the crime still would have been committed as he was a deranged criminal who found a way to get his hands on a gun. We are unable to tell whether Seung-Hui Cho's act of the mass killings could have been stopped but what we do know is that strict gun control laws do not always have the effect that lawmakers want to see. Having guns in the right hands can be influential in stopping crime and having fewer guns in the wrong hands can make for more crime. Therefore, this makes gun control not equivalent to crime …show more content…

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