The Second Amendment: The Bill Of Rights

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The purpose of the Second Amendment The way in which we conceive our laws regarding guns is based solely on one important document: The Bill of Rights. The focus of this paper shall be mainly on the second amendment and how it shapes gun laws. This document will become a very important issue of the argument for less gun-controlling laws and to prove how the government is straying away from the original amendment set forth by the founding fathers of the United States. To fully understand the argument, a full background of how gun laws have evolved is necessary. James Madison is a consequential writer who proposed the right to bear arms, which is the driving factor for the second amendment. This is the basis of the general knowledge of guns…show more content…
Carl Bogus helps seek insight into the history in his book The Hidden History of The Second Amendment. He explains how originally only four out of the thirteen states had provisions to the right to bear arms. Although, New Hampshire was the only state to propose that “Congress shall never disarm any citizen unless such as or have been in actual rebellion.” (59). The controversy towards gun originally began at the Richmond Convention on June 2, 1978. At this convention, the constitution, slavery, and guns are talked about. The reason guns were brought about during this time was a way of trying to arm the north to defend slaves rights against the confederate south, long before the Civil War. At this meeting of prestigious men, a group of twenty men banded together to draft a recommended Bill of rights. The Bill of Rights was a last resort for the anti-federalists who did not want a federalist government (47). The beginning of the long road ahead towards appropriate gun laws started here at the Richmond convention center. The need to respect the Second Amendment begins in the understanding of what it truly means to have the right to bear…show more content…
The metamorphosis of gun laws is a topic rarely spoken of. Not only do you have to evaluate the history of the amendment that made this right to bear arms possible, but also you need to take a look at how it has evolved. The way guns are perceived is drastically different than it was years ago. Today, the average American will think of either two things when they think of guns: violence or safety. Which is it? To be fair, it is both. The bi-partisan view of guns is to treat guns as a threat and a safety measure. According to Kimberly Frank of the John Hopkins University for the American institute of contemporary German studies, “There have been a number of changes made to the regulation of manufacturing, selling, and transporting firearms in the U.S since 1791.” She is absolutely correct with several Acts being put in to effect and a large number of laws being passed, people have long since passed the point of a simple right to bear arms. When stated throughout this essay, the statement “right to bear arms” can be widely interpreted into a large number of ideas. The topic is widely debated with one side believing it is the right to own a gun for self-defense, and the other believing it is for a standing militia. The ruling of the courts is in favor of the belief that guns should be owned for Self-defense. This belief is the reason why in 2008, the Supreme Court justice ruled that “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with

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