Rob Curtis's Argument Against The Bill Of Rights

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Lawmakers in Vermont approved the measurement of gun control by reducing magazine sizes for rifles. Because of this action protesters held a protest outside the Montpelier state capitol. They handed out 30 round rifle magazines, not approved my Vermont lawmakers, to boost enthusiasm at the protest. They did this to take a stab at Phil Scott because he will sign the law to reducing the magazine size down to 10 rounds. He is also wanting to raise the age to purchase a gun to 21 years old and ban bump stocks which allow weapons in semi-automatic to fire in more of a rapid way. Residents in Vermont are aloud to keep already owned 30 round magazines. So residents are trying to obtain as many 30 round magazines as possible before the law is signed. The person that shipped these 1,200 rifle magazines was Rob Curtis. He shipped them overnight to the Vermont rally and …show more content…

In the Bill of Rights I am using the Second Amendment because that is the right to bear arms. This relates because back when this amendment was passed the Government realized that people need arms to protect themselves and to hunt. Know we are fighting to keep these arms just like how the colonies had to fight to get this amendment passed. This amendment was passed so that people could protect themselves from harm and danger. This amendment should not be tampered with because people need these guns for uses that benefit us. These people have the right to protest against this just like the colonies did back then to make sure they show that they want this amendment in the rights of an American citizen.They put this amendment in to protect our gun rights so they should not be able take this right away. But another amendment comes into play of the fight against gun rights in stats. The tenth amendment is states rights which allows states to nullify a law if it seems unconstitutional. This might be what Vermont is doing slowly to cancel out gun rights for

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