Stricter Gun Laws

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In light of the recent school shootings, many parents, students, and other civilians believe the US should impose stricter gun control laws. Many people do not understand the reason for stricter gun laws. Some of the reasons on why we should create and impose stricter gun control laws is because, our students need better learning environments, the laws would be safer for the public, and we have to face the fact that the NRA (National Rifle Association) has too much influence in our government today. The developing children today, the adults of tomorrow, they need healthy and safe place to learn and thrive as students and people. “... merely America’s 18th school shooting this year,” (Text 1, Lines 11-13). This quote was on February 14th, …show more content…

Many of the victims of shootings demand changes. “Similar laws put guns in the hands of shooters who killed 14 people during an office Christmas party in California in 2015, 49 people in a Florida nightclub in 2016, and 58 people at a country music festival in Las Vegas in 2017,” (Text 1, Lines 34-36). For three consecutive years there has at least been one headlining public mass shooting on innocent civilians. The people wants change, and they want it now. Victims and some of the public want people who buy guns to pass mental evaluations, background checks, and to be a certain age to buy a firearm. “Condoleezza Rice, former US secretary of state under George W. Bush, has also stepped into the debate ‘I think it is time to for us to have a conversation about what the right to bear arms means in the modern world,’ she said,” (Text 2, Lines 45-47). Many people back what Rice has to say, many people believe that there is no reason for an average working class citizen to be carrying a loaded semi-automatic AR-15 rifle. “...Greg Silva , 64, a retired electrical engineer from Reno [said] ‘If a person wants a gun, they can go to a gun show and pass no checks. That’s ludicrous.’ Licensed dealers at gun shows are required to conduct background checks, but private sellers are not.”(Text 3, Lines 10-13). This shows that people unfit of buying guns can easily get them in many different ways but if the government comes up with a way to regulate gun control many innocent lives would be saved and eventually the decrease in mass shootings will decrease to

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