Adam Lanza Case

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Newtown, Connecticut, is a city full of parks and fields for thousands of residents. It is a tranquil place with maintained public peace and order. (children laughing sound) However, just 5 years ago, 20-year-old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children between six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members. Before driving to the school, he shot his mother twice in the head when she was in her bed. At about 9:30, when he first arrived at school, Adam Lanza sprayed bullets at the glass in one of the doors, and then he walked through the opening the bullets created. The school principal, Dawn Hoschusburg, and school psychologist, Mary Scherlach burst into the hall after hearing the gunshots. Adam Lanza shot and killed them, and headed …show more content…

According to the documents released by FBI, Lanza had Asperger’s syndrome and was in special classes in Sandy Hook. He didn’t like school because he thought the kids were immature; eventually, he shut himself in his bedroom playing video games all day. The investigation also led to numerous witnesses. Back in December of 2008, an out-of-state witness told police Lanza had mentioned being interested in assault weapons and said he would kill his mother and children at Sandy Hook. Another witness came to police 5 days after the shooting and said that Lanza told him “the most evil in the world would be to conduct a slaughter at an elementary school.” A month after the shooting, the FBI interviewed another witness. She told the FBI that Lanza told her, “he wanted to kill himself and that it would be on the news…Lanza never threatened to harm anyone and never wrote that he had guns or weapons in his home. His postings revealed he had extensive knowledge of the guns and ammunition that had been used in historical mass murders.” His paranoia seemed to be another reason of this shooting. Adam Lanza believed that society was trying to manipulate him into following an immoral value system. Even though it has been five years already, the tragedy of the Sandy Hook Shooting is still fresh in the minds of many Americans. Moreover, in the debate over guns in America, Sandy Hook has come to represent for the ultimate argument and evidence that these restrictions are extremely difficult to be made. The real conundrum is how Adam Lanza had access to guns technically owned by his mother and whether laws could have prevented such a

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