What Role Did Railroads Play In The Civil War Essay

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The role played by railroads during the Civil War was extremely vital. They served as a faster and a more efficient way for the transportation of troops, artillery, and supplies. Before the time of railroads the only way to bring in supplies were by packing it up and going on foot, horse, wagon or by water. Railroads being second only to waterways when providing transportation of supply and support for armies, also changed the style of fighting. Not only did they change the way we would fight but also how we would live.They also paved the way for achieving future victories by enhancing military performance and strategy. The Civil War became known as the “first railroad war”, because of the railroad’s vital role in providing the transportation …show more content…

The North would have the advantage over the South due to its strong industrial power and the mass amount of functioning railroad systems in place there. In other words because the North controlled 20,000 miles of the railroad to the 9,000 miles controlled by the south, and had the ability to produce more weapons and supplies needed by its army, and then being able to distribute them because of the railroad, they were able to win the war. By utilizing the railroads, the Union was able to put new and more effective strategies into play over the exterior lines. They invaded the confederacy, and multiplied their forces a great number.The Civil War changed the style of fighting, at this time in history many new weapons were introduced such as railroad weapons, these later led to the invention of modern armored fighting vehicles we know today. Railroads allowed bigger and better weapons to be introduced to our style of warfare. Also introduced in this time period was the ironclad railcars, able to carry big guns and better artillery. This is where the idea of mounting a heavy gun onto a moving vehicle

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