What Role Did Baltimore And Ohio Railroad Play In The Civil War

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The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad played a significant role in the Civil War. It contributed to the victory of the North, and the end of slavery. This is important because it provided freedom to the African Americans. If the south would have won, it would have changed history dramatically. As Donald McCraig once said, "The Civil War has a tremendous moral and emotional force" (Wise Old Sayings 1). The B&O Railroad had a role in the civil war because it supported the north, connected locations, created conflict, carried supplies, and employed citizens. At the beginning of the Civil War, the north and south equally claimed the railroad. The President of the railroad was John Garrett, born in Virginia. He openly claimed many Southerners as friends. Within a short period of time, he realized that many commercial and financial ties laid in the North. He then fully supported Abraham Lincoln and stayed with the Union. As the person head of the railroad, he continually supported the north. In many situations, he even helped to work out details for the movement of troops. He had the ability to separate personal …show more content…

In the map below, retrieved from Wikipedia, this is illustrated. This connection route was over 10,000 miles long, it stretched over 13 states. Its size was extremely important for its time, it was one of the first. It had 75 locomotives, 2000 freight cars, and 100 passenger carts. It offered more than $30 million in assets. By connecting locations, it had many things to offer early America. Before, their only mean of transportation was by horse and buggy. Their transportation industry was rapidly growing. Each state was anxious to take advantage of the latest productivity and advancement. The B&O carried supplies that were essential to winning the war. It transported weapons, ammunition, food, clothing, coal, horses, cattle baggage, and

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