How Did Slavery Ended In The Late 1800s

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Slavery ended in the late 1800s and it was a major controversy to the Northern States. The Northern states were anti-slavery while the Southern states were pro-slavery. Since they were two different opinions because the northern states did not accept or want slavery to keep happening it ended All this slavery controversy and war could have been avoided by simply making slavery legal in all states, replacing the president, and machines being created faster than they were. Also, there were ways they could settle these opinions, and one way is they could have made slavery legal which all the people would have come together and unite as one. As one they would have fought all together a different way to end this, instead of just those who were …show more content…

If the cotton gin had been invented at an earlier time the slavery wouldn’t happen because they wouldn’t need anyone to do the work, they needed to be done. People or more like slaves were being exploited due to the work they were doing. If the machines, they needed would have been invented at this time there would have not been a problem in looking for people to do any work and overworking them. There’s always different opinions whether positive or negative. The negative opinions were affecting certain people, such as the ones that were put under pressure by doing all the work. This whole situation caused controversy and anger feelings. Even though there wouldn’t be an agreement because of those who accepted slavery to happen and a war would end up happening the government could have ended it by agreeing with the northern states, and instead of seeing those who fought for their rights being killed they should have just set laws favoring all citizens, and not letting violence happen and creating a bigger problem. There were ways to solve a situation like this instead of choosing violence. The civil war could have been prevented if there was union, but instead of choosing other ways they decided to divide and have opposing sides that only caused

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