Response To Lincoln's Inaugural Address

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Appearing for the second time in front of our fellow nation-in the Presidential Office, Lincoln’s new speech will be less time consuming, but yet has a very important demeanor. This news heeds to be very reasonable to tell you all about in full detail, and needs to be rectified and thought through with great consideration. Four years ago, we were faced with a great conflict that took most and in some cases, took all of our abilities right out of us. As a Union comes together, we need to be more aware and stable in case something like this ever comes at us again-war. Our armies and weaponry need to be on pin point and ready. We all know how our strength is and how we fight. So I am, with much pleasure, to say, greatly satisfied with the overall fighting effect, but not with the reasoning behind it. Although a great lesson was learned, the Nation will come through prosperous, grown and more knowledgeable. In the heat of the battle we were faced with, all citizens thought that bloodshed was the way to win the argument between the North and the South-all in all- creating a Civil War. After the effect of starting this War, people began to realize their mistakes, and wanted to turn the battle around to end it. Even though the goal of creating this draft was to have no war, some continued to seek out a fight. …show more content…

Even though slaves were not the direct reason behind the war, they played a big reasoning behind it. Our Government did not mean to create or push the Nation into war, but only to stop the slaves from being more spanned outward. But overall, no one knew that this Conflict would end up being so disastrous and life changing. In the outcome, the “big issue of slavery” died and left even before the Blood War was over with. Our Nation was

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