Northern Forces Prevail Over The South During The Civil War Of 1861

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When conflicting ideologies reach a magnitude so high that agreements aren't even an option, war is generally the conclusion. War is accompanied by a number of negative aspects. Specifically, human fatalities, the destruction of economies, harm to the environment, and quoting the film Platoon, "the first casualty of war is innocence." However, besides all the negative aspects, the side that comes out triumphant, generally gains something of great significance. It could be immense power, stature, or land. But, how does one win a war? Well, there exists multiple tactics to prevailing over the opposing side. There are certain resources to gain the upper-hand, like innovative technology, territorial schemes and environmental conditions. All of these elements helped the Northern forces prevail over the South, during the Civil War of 1861.
After breaking apart from the North, the South focused on its slave economy. During the feud between the North and South, the South were establishing a military that seemed to be well-built and stronger, in comparison to the forces of the North. However, the South had many inexperienced troops that were very unorganized and ill prepared. Also, in comparison to the North, the South's food supply and resources, were minimal. In the North, manufacturing gave them the upper-hand, …show more content…

They captured the port of New Orleans and advanced their forces in the South. However, not all was successful, as many of the Norths ships were destroyed by the Southern troops. Still, through the advantage of manufacturing, the North continued to produce more ships that would ultimately supply a working blockade. The blockade proved effectively, in the sense that neither goods, nor troops could enter or leave the coasts. While the war remained, the South played a defensive role, as the North advanced their troops into Southern territory, gaining land and therefore gaining more opportunities to emerge

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