Why Did The North Win The Civil War Essay

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What are three main reasons why the civil war was successful for the Union? On April 12 1861, the civil war began between the Union and Confederacy. The Union won the war gaining freedom for black people. The war was successful for the Union because of three main reasons. First, the Union had a much larger population. Second, the Union had advantages in transportation. Third, the Union had superior industrial capacity. The Union had a much larger population than the Confederacy, which meant more manpower. The Union had a population of 21 million people. In contrast, the south only had about 9 million people(both free and slave), which is less than half of the north's population. However, at the beginning of the war, the two armies were about the same size. But since they were not using the slaves/free blacks at the beginning of the war so they were losing battles. …show more content…

The north had about double the amount of railroads than the south within each mile. This allowed the north to better move soldiers and goods where they were needed. The south had difficulty transporting soldiers and goods because of their lack of railroads and roads. The civil war was called the “first railroad war” so they became a helpful new technology that helped the union during the war. The Union had better industrial capacity than the Confederacy. The south had only about one ninth of the industrial capacity of the north. Importantly, the north manufactured virtually all of the country’s firearms. The south did not have a single place where they made rifles. Also, over 90 percent of cloth, boots, shoes, and iron was proposed in the north. Plus the north was a lot wealthier than the south. Since they had a much bigger population they had more workers and more factories. Also they used the railroad system to their benefit to bring goods to and from

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