Pros And Cons Of The Civil War

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The Civil War occurred during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. The war was fought between the Union (the North) and the Confederate (the South). The Civil War was about slavery. Lincoln tried to downplay the slavery angle, arguing that the war was about preserving the Union. The Civil War was consider the first modern war because on the scale and destruction due to new technology such as rifles and machine guns. The results of the Civil War helped America become a nation. It gave the government power over the individual states. The Union won the Civil War, this was not surprising to most because they had more advantages than the Confederate did. They had a larger army. The North manufactured more than ninety percent of all good in America, its factories turned against the South during the war. This limited the South of supplies. The Union had more railroads in the North, this allowed the North to transport their troops easier. The Union’s General, Grant helped the Union win …show more content…

Most of their Generals were famous leaders in previous wars. However, the wars’ outcome was insured by military victories and political victories. Abraham Lincoln re-ran for president during the Civil War. Lincoln gained favor of the people because he wanted the Civil War to end unlike the other candidate. After Lincoln was reelected, Lincoln proclaimed the Emancipation Proclamation that went in to effect in 1863. This order freed all slaves in the territory rebelling against the United States; however, these were in areas where the United States’ government had no authority. The slaves in the territory where the government had authority, these slaves were not freed. Lincoln did not free the slaves that he could have. Many believe that the proclamation was to shift the focus of the war from the Union to slavery. However, Lincoln was a great help to end slavery by pushing for the thirteenth amendment that actually ended

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