Civil War Dbq

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The Civil War started in the year 1861 and continued until 1865. In the 1860’s, when Abraham Lincoln was president, the southern states had slavery while the northern states did not. The free states, the north, and the slave states, the south, had extreme differences. Differences that they would not compromise on. Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president in history to declare what he thought was wrong- having slavery within the American territories. However, some of the territories, the southern ones, did not agree with their president. This resulted in the creation of the Confederate States of America. Lincoln and his fellow administrators could not accept this, fearing that democracy itself would be ruined. They felt that …show more content…

Lee and many other generals who fought against the Union Army. It wasn’t until 1864 that Ulysses S. Grant came to Virginia, ready to become the Union army’s chief. Under his leadership, the Union armies began to win a series of battles against the Confederates. Two new generals, General Thomas and General Sherman, became a very successful leader on the Union’s side. After entering Georgia and South Carolina, Sherman’s army destroyed the economic infrastructure of the Confederate Army. Thomas’s army, at the battle of Nashville, completely wiped out the Confederacy’s Army of Tennessee. It was in 1865 that the Confederate armies finally gave up, and surrendered. The war finally ended once the Union captured Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, on May 10th, 1865. This didn’t end slavery itself, but it did open up the doors to the rebuilding of their nation. A nation free of slavery. The Civil War was what ultimately showed America what kind of nation it would be. The Civil War had a profound affect on America’s history. After the nation had been torn apart, the ending of the Civil War gave hope to people everywhere that the nation would come together once again. The Civil War also showed just how powerful the Federal Government was. Federalism had won as the national government in America. When the Civil War ended, a new era began- Reconstruction. There was so much damage done during the war and there was so much that needed to be rebuilt. Industrialism soon followed, and this lead to completely new world for America. The world was changing, and it was changing extremely

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