Why Did The North Win The Civil War

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Imagine a confederate flag as our country’s flag and slavery still being present in society. This could have been the result of a Southern victory in the Civil War. However, the North defeated the South and shaped today’s government. The North won the Civil War due to the advancements and production of weapons. The Civil War was fought between the Northern States, known as the Union Army, and the Southern States, known as the Confederate Army. The Civil War started on April 12, 1861 and lasted until mid-1865. The Civil War arose out of deep disagreements regarding everything from State’s rights, but the primary cause was the contrasting views regarding slavery. While the Southern States supported continued slavery, the Northern States wanted to end this practice. Many scholars believe the Civil War was due to the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, who supported the North, causing the Southern States to split from the United States. During this period, the Southern States considered Jefferson Davis to be their President. Although the Northern Army had advantages in terms of financing and size of the army, it was their superior weapons advancements that won the war. The Southern States were mostly an agricultural economy, which limited their ability to produce weapons on a large scale. The Northern …show more content…

Other forms of weapons such as swords, ammunition and explosives also played a significant role in the Civil War. The Northern Army used advanced explosives like land mines and hand grenades to gain an advantage on the Confederate Army. The factories in the North, many of which were converted from food and other textiles, were resourceful in producing grenades out of materials like used artillery shells and glass. The Civil War also saw the development and use of the Minie Ball. The ball-shaped bullet expanded once expelled from the chamber, helping to increase both range and

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