Why Did The South Win The Civil War Essay

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Almost 156 years ago our United States of America was tragically divided. On April 12, 1861 in Charleston, South Carolina, Fort Sumter had been brought down by the Confederate army. Subsequently, four more states join sides with the confederacy: North Carolina,Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas resulting in the start of the Civil War. “The Union outweighed the Confederacy in almost every way. Nearly 21 million people lived in 23 states. The South claimed just 9 million people including 3.5 million slaves in 11 Confederate states” (ushistory). [ There are countless strengths and weaknesses between the Union of the north and the Confederates from the South, but how did their differences affect the outcome of the Civil War?] The south had some …show more content…

Keeping troops supplied with their ammunition and food rations was of great concern to the North while fighting in the Southern territory. Railroads were the second most important factor next to waterways for supplies to support the Northern troops. Not only food but weapons including rifled artillery, guns, and even submarines came in these train trips. The South had great plans on how to win the Civil War, but the strengths and weaknesses had an impact on how they fiercely fought. The largest advantage for the South is that they were fighting in their homeland which meant they were familiar with the land better than the North. Planning ambushes and other strategic attacks were accomplished with ease. The South was also stronger in their military training due to the fact that eight out of nine military colleges were located in the South. Despite the greater population of the North, the South had almost just as many soldiers within the first year of war. A flaw to the Southerns powerhouse army is that they lacked naval forces to

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