Civil War Confederate Advantages And Disadvantages

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Did you know over 600,000 people died in the civil war? The Civil war had a big impact on the way the country is today like with us being one big country and also leading to the ban of slavery. This war had so many advantages and disadvantages on the Union and the Confederacy. The three most significant pieces that led to the Confederacy to lose the war were population, resources, and military strategies. The population at the time was the Union had 19,127,948 people, and the Confederacy had 12,315,373 people. In terms of the military the Union had 2 million service members and the Confederacy had 750,000 military members. This came back to bite the states that succeeded with not having enough people to rebuild after a loss in a war like in the war of Gettysburg. In the war of Gettysburg the southern states lost more than ⅓ of Lee’s army which sealed the deal for the north states. In this war it shows how much more advanced the Union was compared to the Confederacy with the Union having more than 11 times more manufacturing, and almost double the farmland and railroads. In this war railroads had a …show more content…

Also the Union wanted to control the Mississippi river which they did and was a key success to winning the war. The Confederacy plan was to just play defense and make the Union question why they keep attacking the states that succeeded and hope the people of the Union did not want to fight anymore. One of the ways that the Confederacy tried to get help is when the war first started they tried to go to France and Britain, they tried to say you rely on cotton so you should help us win this war. This did not work for the states that succeeded because France and Britain had already banned slavery over 20 years ago which led the Confederacy to not getting any

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