Essay On The Causes Of The Civil War Dbq

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During the Mid 1800’s marked a crucial period for our country. It will have a big effect on the development of our country. Throughout this time, our country was split, split into two sections, the North and the South. The Civil war was a war fought against the North and the South, the Union and the Confederates, from 1861-1865. Both of these sections had many different opinions, either economically, politically, or socially, that soon led up to the Civil war. During this time, in the North Abraham Lincoln was elected as the president, while in the South Jefferson Davis was elected as the president. The Civil war was caused by the different opinions between the Northern and Southern states opinions on states seceding from the union, and views on slavery. The differences between the North’s opinions and the South's opinions on secession caused many discrepancies that soon helped lead up into the Civil war. According to Document E and F, John C. Calhoun, of the South, thinks that states have the right to secede from the union if they're unhappy. While Abraham Lincoln think our union is perpetual and will last forever. The states do not have the right to secede if they're unhappy because the union never ends and never changes, says Lincoln. This caused South Carolina to secede, then followed by South …show more content…

He explained how he believes that since we first gained our independence from england, the mother country, it was like secession. We left our union because we were unhappy about the way the government was being run. So if the we were allowed to secede, why can't individual states secede if they're unhappy? He states that there is no authority in the constitution for invading and coercing a sovereign states. Therefore he believes states should have the right to

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