Stereotypes In The Devil And Tom Walker

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“Traded my soul for rock and roll. I made a deal with the devil. Fortune and fame, fire and flames. I made a deal with the devil”. This lyric is a originates from the song “Deal With The Devil” by Winger. This song and lyric annotates how this boy sells his soul to the Devil to obtain what he yearns for [money and fame]. The topic of selling your soul can interpret to losing your self conscience of what is really important in the world. This lyric and concept very much kindred to the famous folktale of “The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irving. The folktale in a nutshell is the journey of a zealous man who sells his soul to the devil to retrieve fortune. Hence, “The Devil and Tom Walker” epitomizes a folktale based on the inclusion of the folktale characteristic stereotypes, unlikely events, and lessons to be learned. First, a typical characteristic of a folktale employed in the story is a stereotypical character. By definition, a stereotype is an assumption, usually derogatory, that is directed towards a specific group and or single. An example of characteristic stereotype in the folktale is how the Devil lives underground [Hell]. This event occurs when the Devil bids farewell to Tom into the dark pits of the swamp. After Tom agreed to think of the offer the Devil made him, the Devil then leaves his …show more content…

Washington Irving consolidates many things to take out and use in our daily life in his story. He tells us how society transforms into monsters who only care about the pretentious wealthy. Many wealthy people are blindsided and only care about themselves and maintaining their image. They do not understand how money is not everything and they have to focus on real things. They simply do not care and or realize the side effects of living as such. In a way, hefty amounts of money can destroy one’s self and how one thinks. So, is it all worth the price to

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