Pilgrims Come From And Why Did They Come To The New World

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Bell Ringer 9-1 How did the failure of Roanoke affect how much/ little individuals wanted come to the New World? They didn 't want to because they thought they were going to get killed. 9-7 Where did the Pilgrims come from and why did they come to Plymouth? They came from England to try to break free from their religious beliefs. 9-8 Why did many colonists come to colonies? 1.They wanted to start a new life. 2. They wanted to get more land. 9-9 How did New York become New York? They surrendered to the English that was formerly know as New Netherland. 9-12 Absent 9-13 Asent 9-14 None 9-15 Why do you think it is important to understand colonial regional differences? Because they different beliefs and how are country came to be in

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