Differences Between The Middle Colonies And The Southern Colonies

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In the 17th century England, sent ships to North America to try and colonize North America. There were three regions of colonies set up in the England colonies. There were the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies. Each region was different in many ways. Settlers brought their values with them, and their personal reasons for coming over to North America. The New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies were each different because of their reasons for exploration, colonization or settlement, their relationship with the Native Americans, or later, Africans, and their economy. The first reason that the regions were different from each other because of their reasons for exploration, colonization…show more content…
The Southern Colonies had a mainly agriculture economy. There was good farmland in the South and there were a lot of plantations. The three main cash crops of the Southern Colonies were rice, indigo and tobacco. These generated lots of money and the slaves were necessary to it being successful. Farmers had their crops shipped downstream to the coast where it was directly sent to England. For this reason there were fewer port cities in the Southern Colonies then in the New England and Middle Colonies. The economy in the New England Colonies had many different industries. There was the whaling industry which Nantucket became the center of and they used all parts of the whale for different things. Adding on, they also exported fish because they had caught plenty of it. Not only did they catch whale and fish, but forest resources helped New England become a center of shipbuilding. With all of the wood they had, they were able to build lots of ships and make it an industry. Trade was also a major part of their lifestyle because it was very beneficial to them.The colonists also took part in the triangular trade routes and three stops on it were the West Indies, New England and West Africa. In addition due to the fact that the farm land wasn't the greatest, the colonists practiced a style called subsistence farming. Families produced just enough crops to help them survive. Finally, the growing of grain was a major part of the economy of the Middle Colonies. They produced so much grain that the Middle Colonies were known as the "breadbasket colonies." Cash crops included wheat and other grains and beef and pork. In New York State tenant farmers worked the lands of wealthy patroons and farming grew important
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