Who Is John Quincy Adams A Good President

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Have you wondered who was the sixth president. Well it was John Quincy Adams, he was one of the first presidents, john Quincy Adams was born in braintree, Massachusetts. As a kid, he went to Harvard law school then went to Harvard university. He had three brothers and one sister, he was not very poor or not very rich when he was young, he was very successful in his life because he attended Harvard law school and university, and then he achieved the sixth president. Now I will talk about his important things that he accomplished. Now he has accomplished a lot of important things.Now first, Mr john Quincy Adams the son of john Adams was born on July 11, 1767, his parents had five children and as for him he had three brothers and one sister. John …show more content…

Senator from Massachusetts. After four years he was sent to appointed minister in Russia by president Madison for five years. Then the day before Christmas, he negotiated the treaty of Ghent and ending war of 1812. Then a year later he was appointed minister to Britain, the appointed secretary of state by president Monroe. After seven years he accomplished the biggest thing in his fathers footstep, he became president. Then he was living a good life with his wife, and four kids, john Adams the second, gorge Washington Adams, Charles Francis Adams, and his only daughter Louisa Catherine Adams. He had to leave four years later in1828 because he lost reelection to Andrew Jackson. Two years later he was elected to u.s. House of representatives, he was happy in the house of representatives. Then after eleven years he successfully argues for the freedom of the slaves that had taken control of the ship amisted. He did this because he was ann abolitionist when he wasn’t president but when he was president he stopped being a abolitionist.Then after seven years of happy living he died in the house of represenitiaves,febuary 23 as he was making a speech then he colapsed and his last words were “this is the last of earth i am content”.Now he lives a happy life in the life of the sixth president,he will always be remembered as the sixth president because he was the sixth

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