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The president I pick was John Quincy Adams. He was the first president that was a son of the former president John Adams. For his early career he was a defending lawyer. Latter, he served one term of vice president under Monroe and when he got into president office he appointed Henry Clay as Secretary of State. As president he urged America to be the leading country in Arts and Science while trying to get freedom for blacks. He was a member of the federalist party but later switched to another party called the Jeffersonian Democratic/Republican party. While he was a president, he was also a abolitionist trying to win freedom for enslaved blacks. He gave each displaced black a piece of land but was stopped when a law was passed saying that it had go back to the slave masters/owners. He was sent on many diplomatic mission to talk peace treaties with other countries. He was very outspoken about his abolitionist ideas of slavery and how the slaves should be treated. Adams tried his hardest to pass laws about slave but kept getting hostile activity from the opposing party Jacksonians. …show more content…

His father John Adams strongly opposed slavery by considering abhorrent. John Quincy Adams said all people should equal including slaves, but one of his major enemies said that white men needed slaves in order to be equal. This made Adams want other people to see his ideas and help him abolish slavery. John Quincy Adams and his father stood up to educate, inform the citizens of america, and believe in what was right about slavery, this was a major motivation because it helped people see the act of slavery as

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