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  • Guns And Gun Control

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    101-103 Gun Laws 3/11/18 Guns have been a part of our society in America since its birth. The Second Amendment of the United States protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights. Throughout history, citizens of America have used for many different reasons. They have used firearms to protect the nation, protect their families, hunt for food and engage in sporting activities. The issue of Guns and

  • Gun Control And The Truth Of Gun Control

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    Guns are crucial in American society. This is something many advocates of the 2nd Amendment and gun possession have been stating for decades. Although many believe that they have their own ideas about gun control in the US, they are not aware that their opinions are being influenced by biased media agencies. Not only is there pressure from the government, mass media cogitates their broadcasting information so that the public gets center minded by their theories, not leaving space for people to think

  • Gun Control

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    Banning Guns Will Endanger Law-Abiding Citizens Gun control has been an idea since the 1800s, Gun regulations can be good and bad. History has shown that banning firearms from the populace led to disaster and civil unrest. ¨We the People¨ in the United States are very divided when it comes to dealing with gun control and regulations for gun ownership. Banning guns increase fatalities, decreases personal protection and safety, and prohibits citizens from their constitutional rights. The 2nd amendment

  • Gun Control

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    Gun Control in the United States Gun control in the United States has become a highly contested topic recently due to the mass shootings that have occurred. The Federal Bureau of Investigation defines mass murder as a murder in which four or more people are killed in one incident (Morton). Over the past decade the topic of gun control has been prevalent in new legislation because mass shootings seem more frequent. Statistics reveal that although mass shootings have not become more frequent over

  • Gun Control And Gun Safety

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    There are many opinions on gun control and gun control safety issues. Laws vary between government and states. There are some states that require a resident to register all firearms while other states prohibit the registration of firearms. What should be allowed or not allowed is not the people’s choice, rather, it’s the government that is in control. For example, some states allow a person to openly carry a firearm while other states allow carrying a concealed weapon. Firearms have been used for

  • Gun Control And Gun Violence

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    nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the public’s focus has been on gun control to prevent other massacres like this one, when 49 people, most of them Latino gay men were killed. Gun violence, and mass shooting like this one are not unavoidable natural disasters, but predictable outcomes of laws that lacks regulation. The personal characteristics most targeted for hate crimes are race, religion and sexual orientation. The LGBTQ population is familiar to gun violence and hate crimes; they are more likely to be the

  • Guns Control: The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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    Gun Control Have you ever wondered why gun control is around and why people oppose or agree with it? Well gun control is the attempt to make laws on purchasing, selling, trading, and producing firearms. The Second Amendment is one of the reasons why people oppose or agree with gun control. The U.S. government had made many laws for gun control over the years (Benson). The third reason why people either oppose or side with gun control are the pros and cons in the past, such as how many deaths because

  • Gun Control And Gun Rights

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    Gun Laws According to the Second Amendment in the Constitution, the citizens have the right to possess and bear arms. But, this has remained an important issue since decades. Issues such as gun control and gun rights have remained a matter of debate and have been lobbying around in the Congress meetings. This has resulted in the immense debate about the mass shooting that have become a frequent crime in the United States. In 2015 alone there have been 351 mass shootings. Freedom is a very important

  • Gun Control: The Problem Of Gun Control In America

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    Gun Control Man, did you see that gun kill that dude, says no one ever. Did the gun suddenly grow a mind of its own? No! The tool doesn 't commit the crime, the person who uses the tool commits such. America has the right to bear arms and to keep her gun 's, but something needs to be changed when it comes to gun laws. Guns are not the problem, it 's the gun laws that are the issue. Gun laws are weak, there has been more shootings than ever before. And there 's no unity to create a solution.

  • Gun Violence And Gun Control

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    Running head: GUN VIOLENCE GUN VIOLENCE What Changes Should Be Made Cassius A. Kurns Jr Mr. Redmond Leo High School A way that we can decrease gun violence is have a stricter sale on firearms. Loopholes now exist in the background check system that make it possible for people with criminal records or mental health issues to procure guns. For instance, a gun purchased over the Internet or from a private individual at a gun show is not subject to a background check because neither