Gun Control Argumentative Essay

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The date is February 16th, 2018. The world has only reached its 46th day of the year and yet we have already bore witness to over 30 mass shootings in the United States. While politicians and our own President refuse to accept the real problem with the situation, citizens across the USA are fighting to rid the undeserving of their deadly assault weapons. In a New York Times article titled "Mass Shootings Don 't Have To Be Inevitable", James Steinberg addresses questions we are left to ask when the tragedy strikes and we are desperate for answers. Why is destructive ammunition so easy to obtain? What are the motives behind the people who commit such heinous crime? And finally, why is our own political system not doing anything about the laws that could potentially prevent these catastrophes from happening? The answers are not easy but effective strategies can be used to deter these things from occurring so often. According to James Steinberg, a major portion of the problem is coming from the fact that gun control is a major issue in the United States. You would think that a weapon as deadly as an AR-15 would not be so easily obtainable by average US Americans but here we are, letting people with a history of domestic violence get ahold of them. When the weapons get into the hands of destructive monsters such as Nikolas Cruz and Adam Lanza, they hold responsibility for the actions that they choose to commit, even if it puts the people around them that risk. The correlation

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