Should Semi-Automatic Weapons Be Banned?

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Semi-automatic rifles are a threat to the lives of children and adults, regardless. The United States possesses most of the world’s guns and has the highest gun ownership rate internationally; many of those firearms will find themselves into malicious hands and the people of the U.S. need to seize them before more people die. The recent debate over banning semi-automatic rifles has risen to the nation’s attention; rates of mass shootings are rising and recent shooters have been using assault weapons to increase the rate of how many people they can kill in a given time. It is time that semi-automatic rifles are to be swept off store shelves. People tend to get tangled in opinions and quotes on rather semi-automatic weapons should be banned or not, such as if they are protected by the second amendment, halting lawmakers from banning them. However, let there be no mistake that these weapons are a life threat to civilians.
The amount of semi-automatic guns in the U.S. puts a shockingly large price on the cost the government would pay to buy all the semi-automatic rifles back. A fairly large amount of guns exist in the United States and of that amount, about a third are assault weapons. “A November 2012 Congressional Research Service report found that, as of 2009, there were approximately 310 million firearms in the United States: ‘114 million handguns, 110 million rifles, and 86 million shotguns.’” (Peters). If lawmakers ban semi-automatic rifles, there will be a price the

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