The Pros And Cons Of Banning Assault Rifles

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Around 80 million americans own about 223 million guns. Therefore Assault Rifles should not be banned from american citizens. Banning assault rifles would interfere with the second amendment of the United States of America. Within the second amendment, it states citizens have the “Right to bear arms.” “It is a constitutional right to bear arms.” (Bitto 2). Changing a constitutional right would be a slap to the face of the founders of this great nation. Many other authors feel the same. “The second amendment states that citizens have the right to keep and bear arms.” (Bitto 20). Some authors feel a sense of pride in having guns a part of our country. “Without guns we would not be the free country we are today.” (Juliano 21). Not only do citizens …show more content…

“A monday shooting at a Los Angeles police station was stopped in seconds by an officer carrying a weapon.” (stockman 6). Rifles have been a key tool in law enforcement for years upon years. “The spree ended when the killer was confronted by a military police officer with a weapon.” (stockman 3). Taking away guns would just cause more crimes that police force would not be able to keep up with. People claim rifles cause more harm; However taking away rifles will not prevent someone from harming others. “People are killed in greater numbers by cars, bats, hammers, hands and feet. Examining the tool and attempting to ban the tool will have absolutely no effect.” (why gun groups 5). According to the FBI crime report of 2011, “Handguns were used in 6,220 of the 12,664 homicides reported. Rifles accounted for 323 homicides, with knives and other unnamed firearms making up most of the rest.” (why gun groups 7). Rifles should not be banned from american citizens. Assault rifles stop crime acts. Banning them would interfere with the Second Amendment. Assault rifles and ammunition also have a big impact on our economy. Taking them away will not stop people from harming others. Banning assault rifles will not stop crime or stop people from harming

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