Argumentative Essay on Gun Laws

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Gun laws This topic brings conflicts among us people in the United States. It’s been an issue for awhile now and it’s going to be an issue on into the future. Some people feel like it is their right to bear arms and have a deadly weapon for protection. They believe the laws should be less strict. Others believe that guns are the issue to violence and gun laws need to be more strict than what they are now. Guns have played a big part of hunting and safety for us as a country. Having said that, guns are involved in a lot of murders and tragedies. The way I look at each of the sides. They both have the same intentions. They both are trying to be safe and have different ways to feel safe. That causes problems finding the median law from both sides. The first side I’m going to talk …show more content…

Adopting new and more strict gun laws, feuds with the second amendment. Everyone in the U.S. has the right to bear arms. People that believe in less gun laws will argue that if you take away or make the laws more strict. That their rights are interrupted or taken away from themselves. Like I mentioned before, cities with the most strict laws have the highest gun death total. Mexico for another example, they have the strictest gun laws in the world. Per hundred thousand people in mexico, 9.97 people will lose their lives by a gun. Compared to the U.S. with 2.97 per hundred thousand people (ProCon,4). This conflict goes on into the states law as well. Some states have more strict gun laws and some don’t. In Ohio, you don’t have to register for a handgun or rifle. You don’t need to have a license for owners. The only thing you need is registration to carry a handgun on you (Ohio Gun Law, 1) Ohio’s gun laws isn’t very strict. Some states require registration for the gun, registration to own the gun, and a permit to carry the gun. The issue even brings conflict to our own government. It’s been a grey issue. There are many opinions to the topic but has yet been

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