Summary: The Gun Control Debate

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Hello, my fellow students, the gun control debate has gotten “out of control” in terms of recent mass shootings. I am here to speak about the problem of mass shootings in the United States, which has, in recent times, been a growing cause of concern for the safety of the general public. I am concerned; a very concerned citizen that wants to examine the various reasons why gun control needs to be increased in order to stop these national tragedies. My argument consists of three major points: (1) The mental health issues of mass shooters, (2) the increased availability of unregistered fire arms at gun shows, and (3) the increased pattern of military grade automatic and semi-automatic rifles being used to multiple victims. In essence,
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For instance, a mentally unstable individual could attend a “gun show” that does not requite the individual to register the gun that is purchased from the vendor. Without the registration requirements often regulated by the federal government in retail stores, gun sellers can sell a gun to almost anyone in the gun show circuit: “The United States happens to be a place where just about anyone can buy a gun, no questions asked: All you have to do is go to a gun show” (Somerset, 2014, p.56). The availability of guns for mentally unstable individuals need to be stopped by regulating gun shows in the United…show more content…
At its core, gun control will bring background checks and gun registration to gun shows, which can provide a proper background check for the mental health of the buyer. More so, military grade weapons must only be sold to—here it is (said with humorous irony)—the military, and not to individuals that can use these weapons with malicious intent. Finally, I know there are many Americans that own guns in s responsible and regulated manner, but the continuing trend of mass shootings are examples of the dangers of unregulated weapon sales to mentally ill individuals. Let’s get the guns under control, before we lose control of our great American
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