Gun Control Nonsensical

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many people in our nation have different views and can easily argue on wither or not Gun Control is being implemented or not. the question is if gun control nonsensical. in my opinion, it is not but that facts that there are people who believe that the supreme courts need to take away our right to guns from every individual is out rages. the reason why the passing of elimination guns will never happen is because, if the government were to take away the citizens guns it would be violating our Second Amendment which is defined as, a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It also states that the right to bare arms allows us to protect ourselves …show more content…

not only did they decide to lower the manufacture but attempted to make it more strict to purchase a weapon by adding backgrounds but if one little red flag popped up then you were declined in getting a weapon. Those for gun control have to remember that a gun shop is not the only way to purchase a gun. A person can go to a black market on the website to purchase any weapon they desire. Even a private owner can sell a gun, I watched a small clip that CNN recorded to see how easy it was to purchase a gun. In this video they had a 12 year old went in to a gun show hosted by private gun owners and attempted to buy a .22 rifle which the vendor sold to the …show more content…

Hillary Clinton in this past election said that she would abolish the second amendment. The president, congress or the judge have no power to change the U.S. constitution. The only people that have the right to is the executive branch so does the legislative branch and the judicial branch can only interpret the meaning of the words. Do we need to find a way on how we can sell these weapons to individuals in there right mind while controlling them without violating the Second Amendment? Yes, but as I mentioned before the psychological test is a joke and each individual can always find a way to get there hands on a gun. Do we need guns? Yes, so taking away our right to bare arms will bring more harm to individuals. So how can we prohibit shops selling to mentally ill individual? I do not have a clue; all I know is that we all have the right to own a gun. Those who are anti gun always cry out that if they were to restrict gun that it would reduce violent crimes or homicides but clearly as I have stated from previous cases it is not true. I myself have multiple guns that are for hunting only. Sometimes when I have so much homework to do for my classes, I would come to my mechanic shop late night and do my work. I would leave my car outside in the front of the shop with the door open as well in case I hear someone tampering with the bay doors or my car. I would keep my .12

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