National Rifle Association Essays

  • National Rifle Association (NRA) Ad Analysis

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    The National Rifle Association (NRA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1871, which advocates gun rights. With more than five million members the NRA, is seen as one of the top three most influential lobbying groups in Washington, DC. While watching the NRA Ad, I expected and noticed that the lady in the NRA Ad, spoke on the right/conservative side of the spectrum. Because the NRA is conservative, it was expected that the Ad addressed a problem with there not being enough access to guns. The

  • National Rifle Association (NRA): Interest Group Analysis

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    focusing on the unknown consequences and keeping close relationships with government officials whose values are similar (Baumgartner, Jeffery, & Hojnacki (2009). One interest group who has knowledgeable lobbyists to affect public policy is the National Rifle Association (NRA). The NRA is a single issue group who advocates their position by using both the direct and indirect approach to rally support on issues in Congress. As we all know, the Obama administration is advocating for stricter gun control

  • Logan Middle School Argumentative Essay

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    indicative of West Virginia’s gun culture. As is the state flag — which features two firearms — and West Virginia University’s mascot, the musket-toting Mountaineer. But when an eighth-grade Logan Middle School student refused to remove his National Rifle Association T-shirt because a teacher said it violated the dress code, he was suspended. In response, the student’s mother has filed a federal lawsuit against the Logan County Board of Education and 10 employees, arguing the punishment violated the

  • Argumentative Essay: The Second Amendment To The Constitution

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    The Second Amendment to the Constitution which gives us the right to Bear Arms, and our Founding Fathers gave us that Constitution right. Gun Control is a Federal, State, and Local Issue, and it’s the greatest concern in America. Gun Control has always been an issue with every state level. Americans agree and disagree with this issue. My opinion is Gun Control needs to have a background check on everyone that buys a gun. Today so many Officers, and innocent people are getting hurt, and Donald

  • Pro Gun Control Arguments

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    control debate. As the two opposing opinions disagree, along with the pro-gun right party is the National Rifle Association(NRA). On the opposing side is a group of lobbyists that have called themselves the Brady Campaign but have changed their name along the way, adding various other gun restriction advocates. As being pro-gun restrictions, one’s logic is that the ability to buy certain assault rifles and weapons makes it likely for a public shooting to happen. The

  • Special Interest Groups Influence Policies

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    affect their business. The Chambers of Commerce is the voice of the masses, masses are then given the opportunity to be heard. The NRA has five million members, out of those members 99% of them are masses while, 1% are elites. Therefore, the National Rifle association acts towards mass goals, the masses are the ones who benefit the most. The masses get protection over their arms and receive many benefits for having their

  • Gun Control Nonsensical

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    they desire. Even a private owner can sell a gun, I watched a small clip that CNN recorded to see how easy it was to purchase a gun. In this video they had a 12 year old went in to a gun show hosted by private gun owners and attempted to buy a .22 rifle which the vendor sold to the

  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Free Zone

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    Without a doubt, one of the most common reoccurrences seen on televised news is the outbreak of a shooter, whether that be in an airport, a mall, movie theater, or even schools and college campuses. What do these locations have in common one may ask; more times than not, locations such as these are marked as gun-free zones. A gun-free zone is a location where guns are simply not allowed. In theory, gun-free zones sound like fantastic idea in such locations to keep citizens safe, however this seems

  • Pros And Cons Of Contagion Of Mass Shootings

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    with firearms, in the US (Gun Violence Archive, 2017). Yet the National Rifle Association (NRA), which is pro-gun and 2nd Amendment, has push and lobbied vigorously against firearm regulation. The NRA has had a strong showing in congressional support for many years and have always used the constitution as the base of their debate against advocacy groups like the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign who want stricter national regulation and enforcement of firearms. This debate seems meaningless

  • Gun Control: Second Amendment Of The United States

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    Gun Control     Guns have always been a fundamental piece of American life and culture.  The Second Amendment of the United States even asserts that firearms are, “necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.  In recent times President Obama has put forth a few executive actions in order to try and reduce gun violence.  His proposals mainly focus on fixing and enhancing the background check system, greater education efforts, and

  • Heller Gun Control

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    convincing the justices that the second amendment guaranteed individuals the right to own guns. The task at hand for him seemed a little too large for him due to the fact that he was not as experienced as his opponent Walter Dellinger. The National Rifle Association believed that his case would end poorly for their organization. They were also dead set on making sure the Supreme Court did not make a ruling on the meaning of the Second Amendment. So they tried with all of their power to stop Gura from

  • The Importance Of Interest Groups

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    such as Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR), the Texas Medical Association (TMA), and Christian Right groups have made significant and very noticeable differences in the lives of Texans. The Texans for Lawsuit Reform is a business interest group that changed the way people do business in Texas. The group was formed by businessmen who felt that they were often involved in unnecessary lawsuits, so they teamed up with the Texas Medical Association to try to stop as many people from filing the frivolous lawsuits

  • The Second Amendment: The Bill Of Rights

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    The purpose of the Second Amendment The way in which we conceive our laws regarding guns is based solely on one important document: The Bill of Rights. The focus of this paper shall be mainly on the second amendment and how it shapes gun laws. This document will become a very important issue of the argument for less gun-controlling laws and to prove how the government is straying away from the original amendment set forth by the founding fathers of the United States. To fully understand the argument

  • The Importance Of Gun Violence In Schools

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    intruder and prevent another horrible incident like the Columbine, Sandy Hook, and many others. Others say that teachers packing heat is a bad idea and that we should be looking at mental health a little closer. Congress, schools, and the National Rifle Association need to see where the main problem is coming from. Is banning guns going to make a difference? Do teachers need to carry a gun

  • Bowling For Columbine

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    fails” (Moore 2002). Nichols claimed that the gun for only for emergencies but in reality, this concept enclosed Nichols in a bubble, a way of escaping into a fantasy world where guns do more good than harm. Furthermore, then president of the National Rifle Association, Charlton Heston was interviewed during the final scene of this documentary. A shooting that resulted in the death of a six year old was followed by NRA rallies in Flint, Michigan lead by Heston. Moore asked if Heston would like to apologize

  • An Analysis Of Charl Van Wyk's Shooting Back

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    There is a raging argument in the world that many people are divided about. The argument is gun control, should we ban guns, or is there another way to stop mass shootings? In my research book called “Shooting Back” it talks about how On July 25, 1993, a man named Charl Van Wyk personally experienced the attack on the ST James Massacre. At that time, their area was experiencing danger and fighting so Charl had his gun with him at the church. When a couple of men walked into the church holding guns

  • Public Choice Theory In Public Administration

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    The administrative branch of government, also referred to as the civil service or bureaucracy has always been vital to the state’s survival. Essentially, the study of “Public Administration” relates to the functions and actions of these said administrators. L. D. White emphasized, “Public Administration consists of all those operations having for their purpose the fulfilment of public policy as declared by authority”. White’s definition is evident through the operations of specialised state agencies

  • Nature Of Government Intervention

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    organisations. The nature of government intervention means that governments ultimately have to interfere in the private affairs of citizens, both in terms of their autonomy and their wellbeing. As it is the responsibility of the government to protect the national interest of the country, government intervention is a necessary practice to encourage progress and the collective good of the nation. Both active and passive intervention can be evaluated under various ethical principles, and its ultimate

  • Use Of Violence In A Better World Movie Essay

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    In A Better World Violence is a natural phenomenon. Human beings are violent by nature. We should it as a face and deal with it in a peaceful mindset. It has been in our culture from the beginning, we use violence in order to get what we want and survive in the harsh world. Humans cannot live without violence because without violence, human beings cannot live in this world. There is an urge for us to kill. But now, violence has gone too far and it must be tamed like an animal. Violence is used

  • Street Gangs And Crime

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    activities such as vandalism, binge drinking, looting, homicide, theft, drugs and alcoholism, weapon trafficking, and kidnapping. Thus, gangs are a representation of cultural, economic and moral frontier of conflict and competition for scarce resources (National Gang Centre, 2015). Street gangs and crime can be explained through the use of different theories, including Chicago School,