The Importance Of Gun Violence In Schools

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Gun Violence and Mental Health: Teachers and Staff Should Not Carry Guns in Schools When people started shooting students and staff at schools nobody knew what to do, but they knew that a change needed to be made. With all of the tragedies that keep happening in school campuses there is a debate on what that changes should be. Some say that teachers and staff should have guns in school premises to protect students from an intruder and prevent another horrible incident like the Columbine, Sandy Hook, and many others. Others say that teachers packing heat is a bad idea and that we should be looking at mental health a little closer. Congress, schools, and the National Rifle Association need to see where the main problem is coming from. Is banning guns going to make a difference? Do teachers need to carry a gun …show more content…

This is the answer to our problem if we would look at mental health issues and attack them first many murders would be prevented. Starting with schools and young children and once they are diagnosed it should go on a database following them as they grow. Many tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook elementary would be prevented. There are so many disagreements between Democrats and Republicans right now that nothing can be agreed upon and that are just making it worse. If they would put all of the families that lost their loved ones because of guns first and come up with this agreement it would reduce so much violence. Not only at schools, but also at college campuses, theaters, malls, and anywhere where a massacre could occur like it has before. “Early detection and treatment is the key” (Ross, 2013,

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