Essay On Anti Gun Control

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No legislation in this country has called on a ban on all guns, instead it has tried to prevent certain people with a troubled past from obtaining guns. We need gun-control in this country for reasons that should be obvious. How many innocent people must die before we realize that we have a problem with guns in this country? Tragedies such as that in Newtown, Orlando, Aurora, etc. should make it clear that we need gun control reform. Gun control is not a threat to our freedom, but rather a way to save lives. Gun control has been a widely debated issue in this country. On the one hand, you have people who are anti-gun control as they believe that it hinders their second amendment right, while others believe that it is necessary to apply gun control as …show more content…

from obtaining weapons that they could use irresponsibly may help to prevent the loss of innocent lives. The anti-gun control side states that gun control infringes on our second amendment rights thus threatening our freedom. I didn’t understand this defense too well, so I decided to investigate myself. To understand the other side better, I decided to interview a fellow acquaintance who is a gun supporter and who is quite dedicated to the cause, as he is the president of a pro-gun club. I wanted to know how the other side could believe and justify more guns as a way to actually prevent deaths, as more people die from weapon injuries in the United States than any other civilized country in the world. When the second amendment was implemented by our founding fathers, they had very little to no knowledge of the brain, therefore they were unaware that medical stability played a key role in a person’s ability to use a gun responsibly. Additionally, the guns the founding fathers had possessed were not anywhere near the lethal capacity of today’s guns. Back then the guns were not as powerful and took longer to

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