Second Amendment Argumentative Essay

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In my own opinion, I am glad that Heller won I strongly think he should have won. I support the Second Amendment very adamantly. I believe that D.C did not have the right to tell Heller he could not have a permit, it goes against the constitution to tell a person that the rights that our Fore-Fathers gave us no longer applies to our lives and that they have to give up their right to bear arms. A person should be allowed to have the right to keep and bear arms to be able to protect and support their family. Me personally I love to hunt and shoot guns, I do every time I get the chance and I plan to conceal carry when I get older for self-defense purposes. I agree somewhat if the government wants to take our guns away speaking for all of the …show more content…

If the government is trying to prevent any more casualties than there absolutely has to be, just by banning guns they are not going to succeed. What the government should do is when someone tries to apply to get a concealed weapon permit or just a license to own a weapon the should have to go through a series of tests to test their mental status in case the doctors have not diagnosed them with any mental illness that might be apparent. These mental status test should happen to an existent of being tested about every two years or so to renew their license. The people of the U.S should be allowed to have weapons as self-defense but the people should use a proper gun safety and use a gun cabinet to store their guns in and keep it out of the reach of children. I also think that the Second Amendment was put into place for a reason, we the people of the United States are letting our government have too much power and that can be very consequential we are already starting to feel the negative effects of letting this happen. If we let the government have as much power as they have and even more we are going to lose our rights because once the government starts their big plan to completely over rule us we

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