Theme Essays

  • The Namesake Themes

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    This paper focuses on the predicament of name, sense of identity and belongingness of the characters who belong to the Indian origin and become immigrants in USA. The novel, The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri unfolds the lives of Indians and Indian Americans who struggle for adoption and assimilation of culture. It also displays the sole of the characters experiencing assimilation, displacement, fear and guilt, who are perplexed to balance their own culture with a new culture. The novel makes it the best kind of ready reckoner to explain Diaspora as the term ‘Diaspora’ and its role in the present scenario. The plot and the characters in the novel portrays the life of first and second generation immigrants, their sufferings

  • The Giver Themes

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    Louis Lowry has many themes in her book, The Giver. But one of her most important themes to me personally is “Self Choice.”

  • Lisbeth Chapter Summary And Analysis

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    Another heavily emphasized theme in the book is justice; each criminal will get his “just desserts” for his actions (as all the violent criminals in the book are men). In reality, though, there is not always justice. The criminals don’t always pay, and the victims rarely ever feel retribution.

  • Rabit Themes

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    RABBIT presents as a character driven sports drama. The script showcases the life of a young, emotionally scarred foster child, who gets a second chance to have a happy life when a caring coach recognizes her running talent. The concept reminds one of the award-winning BLIND SIDE movie.

  • Main Themes In Gadjo Dilo

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    It is usually perceived that Romani people are always happy, always singing, dancing and drinking. The Westerners would always stereotype Romani community as people with no care in their life. Gatlif in Gadjo Dilo shows that those stereotypes are wrong. Even though Romani people do dance, sing and drink throughout the most of the film, it does not make them happy people.

  • Examples Of Narrative Criticism

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    that convincing communication must be appropriate to the particular situation being addressed. The aim of this approach is that what the writer tries to communicate to his hearers.

  • Tkm Theme Essay

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    Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird takes place during the Great Depression in the small town of Maycomb in Alabama. Scout and Jem live in what they think is a good community. From what they know, everyone fits into the community except Boo Radley, a mysterious neighbor. They think this until the trial of Tom Robinson, an African American that is accused a raping a white women, takes place. The kids see something they have never noticed about their community before. This all contributes to one theme of book that Lee is trying to teach us about, experiencing the different kinds of treatments people get can help us better understand the truth about someone.

  • Agora Themes

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    The movie Agora, directed by Alejandro Amenabar, focuses on many historical themes. It is quite prominent that many of those can be seen as prevalent in historical and modern times. The movie shows how events unfurled in the late fourth century C.E. It is striking how it portrays the misuse of religion by large groups in those events.

  • The Giver Theme Essay

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    “A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what 's behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later”(Stanley Kubrick). In the story The Giver, there were multiple themes with a meaning. Themes make up a story, and help add emotion and meaning to it. Because of themes, there are layers in a story that will make you more intrigued and make it seem that there is a purpose to the story. The Giver themes were influential to the story and served a large purpose in the outlook on it as well.

  • Theme Of Archetype In Beloved

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    Sethe is no doubt a complex character in the novel Beloved because even though she does fit into the archetype “caregiver”, it is only in the most twisted sense. She is a mother and nurturer to Denver, and she is obviously devoted to protecting her children even in the most unconventional ways. For example, albeit the murder of her baby Beloved makes it much harder for some to see how Sethe fits into such an archetype, Sethe only murdered Beloved to protect her from the harshness she would face, to preclude her daughter from undergoing the same derogatory experiences and pains ubiquitous to that type of oppressive society in the novel. The murder was not committed lightly, it took a toll on Sethe’s mental health which is why she jumped at the

  • Key Themes In Pocho

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    Richard, a character in Pocho, is a Mexican American who struggles to find out where he fits in a new country. He is forced to learn and speak English in the public school system. Pocho follows Richard as he grows up and the everyday struggles he faces as a Latino in a in a majority white neighborhood of California. Some constant themes I have seen while reading has been the issue of identity and the value of traditions, both American and Mexican.

  • Themes In The Croods

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    Everyone has a dream, something that he or she wants to do or have, or someone whom he or she wants to be in the future. That dream is also what made the “first modern family” witness the unfolding of a new world. From their cave going out into the wonders of the land, the Croods, with the help of Guy and his belt, were set on an adventure that changed their way of living and perceiving themselves and their environment. Amidst the cataclysms that seemed to chase them, they learned to survive in more meaningful ways and slowly did they know that the world is changing and that they have the ability to adapt to it and not just hide away from it.

  • Archetypal Criticism In Literature

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    To recognize the collective unconscious is to become self-actualised. The anima or animus is the archetype through which we can communicate with our collective unconsciousness. This archetype is responsible for the love in our lives.

  • The Namesake

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    Gogol is a strange name, but that strangeness does not define who he is. “The Namesake” is about a boy who has foreign parents and a peculiar name, but he learns that what he is called is not who he is as a person and that it is okay that his name is out of the ordinary. In “The Namesake,” Jhumpa Lahiri establishes the theme that it is okay to be different through family traditions, relationships with others, and experiences.

  • Epiphany In The Lottery And Araby

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    In written works, a writer presents a certain theme in several unique ways. The author may express a theme through the feelings of the main character about a certain subject. Similarly, themes can be presented through thoughts and conversations of different characters. The theme of Ignorance within a dominant character or a group of characters normally prevents them from obtaining a certain goal or ambition and later, understanding through epiphany, the coming of a certain realization. Literature, especially those considered of superior or lasting artistic value, show a contemporary way of what takes place when the main character and lack of knowledge collide with outside forces like society. Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” and James Joyce’s “Araby” are prime examples of overcoming ignorance and encountering an epiphany. The narrator in “Araby” and the villagers in “The Lottery” including Tessie Hutchinson, in spite of their ignorance, will insight into, coming of age, pivotal superstition, and will overall face evident epiphany.

  • A & P Theme Essay

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    The theme of a story is a very important factor when depicting the impact the story has. Theme of a story is the comprehension of general message or idea that is conveyed throughout a literary work. As a story progresses the theme is often conveyed regularly and emerges in varied ways. Sometimes a story can have more than one theme portrayed within it. In the story “A&P” there is more than one theme present in the story. The theme in this story is developed by characters, point of view, setting, and symbolism.

  • The Things They Carried Theme Analysis

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    Emotional and physical toll of war. In this book the characters have many things they have to carry both emotionally and physically. Emotions like grief and love are felt very strongly. These stories show the strain and hardship of the war and the effects it has on each individual soldier.

  • Moriah Dru Themes

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    The Moriah Dru/Richard Lake series is a series of six novels by Gerrie Ferris Finger a retired American journalist. The mystery novel series features Moriah Dru a former police detective who now runs Child Trace Inc, a lost child finding service. Set in Atlanta, the series sees Dru work lost children cases in conjunction with police lieutenant Richard Lake. Known simply as Dru to her friends, Moriah Dru is very effective at ferreting out information from seemingly normal looking people and situations. When we first meet the two characters, they are in a romantic relationship, which continues throughout the entire series. Called upon to solve a range of child disappearances in Atlanta, Georgia, the two partners work very well together meticulously piecing together tiny leads to find missing children. Both Dru and Lake are quite the lovable detective type characters that seek

  • Themes In Antigone

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    Sophocles play, Antigone dates back in 441 BC in Greece, Athens. The play has been translated into many languages today and even though there may be some setbacks in translating some words, the theme remains original. In historical point of view, the play was written at a time of national strife. The play begins with the death of two brothers Polyneices and Eteocles leading rival sides of the civil war in Thebes while fighting for leadership. The new ruler of Thebes is Creone and his decision is that Polyneices will not be given burial honors and he will be publicly humiliated while Eteocles will be honored during burial (Bloom, H. (1999).

  • Themes In Ogaden

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    Ogaden, also known as the ‘horn of Africa’ shares its borders with Somalia and Ethiopia and has always been a land of dispute between the two nations. It is in this embattled Ogaden that Farah tells a story of parental love, which finally culminates in Somalia with betrayal.