Examples Of Narrative Criticism

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that convincing communication must be appropriate to the particular situation being addressed. The aim of this approach is that what the writer tries to communicate to his hearers. 4.4. Narrative Criticism: It is a method of interpreting biblical narratives with the help of literary theory. This method looks at the biblical narrative not as a historical source that something lies behind the text. But, it looks at the narrative as a literary text that may be analysed in literary terms that is plot, characterization, point of view in narrative like other works of literature. Narrative criticism reads biblical narratives as literature or story, taking a fiction approach, which treats the text as art or poetry. They interpret the text in its final form in terms of its own story world. A narrative critic’s close reading assumes literary integrity and reads the text holistically. The text is processed consecutively and the parts are related to the whole. The methodology of narrative criticism can be summarized in four steps. First, the form of the text is analysed and categorized according to formal and conventional literary aspects and genres. Literary aspect includes the categories of fiction, nonfiction, prose, and poetry. Literary narrative genres include categories such as history, legend, and myth. Secondly, the literary structure of the text is analysed in terms of setting, plot, language play, and theme. The setting consists of the basic context given in the narrative

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