Literary Devices In Afrika Road

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Literature is a medium that enables people to effectively express their opinions and perspectives. Being the vast genre that it is, fiction presents writers with the opportunity to utilize literary devices in their pieces. These devices help in communicating the message of the author’s work. Several fictional texts use common literary devices such as metaphors, similes, symbols, and imagery. These devices allow for writers to personally involve readers with the author’s message. Specifically, allowing for the writer to demonstrate a sense of cultural identity through their writing. For African writers David Don Mattera and David Diop, the use of literary devices is essential in conveying the message of their texts. When analyzing Mattera’s “Afrika Road” and Diop’s …show more content…

In an attempt to express a sense of cultural identity, Mattera’s short story “Afrika Road” uses metaphors as a technique to communicate a personal connection of unity towards Africa. The short story depicts the narrative of a personified road that describes the actions of marchers during the South African protest of apartheid at Msphala Hill. During the early stages of the protest, the personified road describes the protestors as a “human centipede that took to the streets,” (Mattera 2). The statement from Mattera indicates a personal connection of unity towards Africa. This is achieved by metaphorically

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