Dbq Essay On Political Analysis

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Looking at document B you are able to see how the media in this case is clearly shaping the publics interest and informing the people, “The journalists at Good Morning America on Wednesday discussed Barack Obama’s State of the Union address for seven minutes and 19 seconds, but only allowed a scant 16 seconds for the GOP response ( a 27-1 disparity).” By only allowing the 16 seconds for the response they are controlling what issue are most talked about and they are controlling what we are most informed about. In document C when looking at the data you can see that Romney spent $5,892,480 alone on TV adds in Florida. He spent this much in campaign add to increase his voters turn out. A major part of campaigning is just getting your name out …show more content…

In the court case Citizen United vs. United States of America the Supreme Court ruled that PACs and corporations could spend as much they wanted to as long as it was done independently of the party (doc. A). This ruling has allowed interest groups and PACs to spend as much money as they want on political campaigning commercials. Interest groups and PACs influence media heavily because of their ability to spend however much they choose too. Media is not the only way that people are persuaded to vote, political parties also use their stances on important issue to help gain

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