Dbq Essay On Populism

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Populism is the support of concerns for ordinary people. Since populism grew very popular people created there own political party, the People's Party or the Populist. Populist demanded radical changes for federal economic and social policies. Populist built there platform around several issues from more money in circulation to the government owning communications and transportation systems. Populism impacted life in the United States in a positive way.

Populism impacted the life of the United States was that the people want to treat everyone equally. Populism want the person who works for the money to be just as much equal as the person who is employing them. Also, they want the person who works all day in the fields, be treated the same …show more content…

Even though the people did not continued as the populist they formed the socialist party and many return to the reform of their old political parties (Document D). Farmer's where part of the Farmers Alliance which also believed in the majority of the issues the Populist did. Their demands became laws which later helped them out. Farmer as well as populist believe in the the use of silver minting. They thought that silver minting would be better for the farming and industrial industry. One of the issues that the Populist wanted to fix was unlimited minting of silver. Populist wanted the currency to be changed to silver due to the facet that is would help the farming manufacturers.

Populism only wanted to help the life in the United States to improve the conditions they saw as a problem. Even though people did not get paid all the same, the populist only wanted to them to get paid fairly. The impact of populism was not only affecting the people as an individual but at a whole group like in a workplace. Many people may have thought the impact was good enough that when the party died out they fixed the problem by joining other political parties that had the same

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