How Successful Was The Populist Movement

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The populist movement was a success. It grew into a national movement that mobilized a huge group of Americans. First the populist party started from farmers and grew into a political party. Secondly ideas from the populist party were adopted and are used today. Lastly they were able to have a candidate run for president of the United states. The populists started from farmers and grew into a national movement and political party. It all started with Oliver Kelly and the grange of the patrons of husbandry. The patrons of husbandry promoted economic and political well being of community and agriculture. The populist party was organized in st. Louis in 1892. They represented the common folk most of all the farmers. The movement was against railroads, bankers, and corporations. …show more content…

The graduated income tax was introduced by the populists. The graduated income tax made it so the more money one made the more taxes they had to pay. The populists also brought the direct elections of senators. Before this was introduced each state's legislatures would choose the senators. Another policy adopted from the populists was the Australian ballot or secret ballot. This made it so voters could cast their votes in privacy. Before this was placed voters were under a lot of pressure and influence when casting their votes. Lastly they introduced the 8 hour work day. Before workers were forced to work however long their employers

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