Large Corporations 1870 To 1900

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During the period of 1870 to 1900 large corporations, such as the railway company, grew significantly in size, number, and influence. The cause of this was the need for a new way of transportation, the demand was great so the railways expanded all over the United States so that they could meet these demands. These large corporations affected the economy by making it easier to pay for everyday chores, politics in the way that it gave politicians too much power but in doing so gave normal limited power. The corporations had great power and influence which made them a huge impact to society. The economy was consistent in the United States during the 1870’s but as the years went on large businesses were able to lower the cost of food prices, fuel and lighting …show more content…

The businesses took advantage of their workers by extending work hours but also leaving their wages the same. They were trying to work them for every penny they could not caring who they were hurting in the process. The people also disfavored the new political system they did not agree with politicians no longer listening to the opinions of the people, they felt that they were being silenced and they could do nothing about it. The corporations may have lowered the costs of a few accommodations but it was outweighed by the unfairness the people had to deal with. The growing of large businesses in size, number, and influenced changed the United States severely. The economy was greatly relieved but the politicians were corrupted and the people very unhappy. The businesses were smart in using the reduction and increasing of prices to link all the businesses but taking advantage of the people by silencing them and increasing their labor hours really hurt them. It also did not help that the politicians that were corrupted made bad decisions for money and no the

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