How Did The Transcontinental Railroad Affect The Economy

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The 1860-1900 age was lacking transportation, however the sudden spark through technological growth helped solve that issue. Throughout the gilded age there was a lack of technology in the area of transportation. Most goods and resources were taken on horseback and this whole process was tedious and unnecessary. Then the transcontinental Railroad came along, this railroad changed the United States forever it allowed us to transport goods much easier then we were ever able to before. The Transcontinental Railroad was created May 10, 1869 and is 1,912 miles long. This railroad was one of the biggest evolution in transportation ever and allowed the United States to deliver important Goods and people in record time compared to before the Railroad was …show more content…

The railroads were soon followed by our most modern form of transportation, the automobile. This innovative design was created for the normal person to get around places easier, it was insanely beneficial and with the mass popularity of the assembly line we were able to mass produce these wonderful machines at avery high rate. Not everyone was able to afford a car during the gilded age, but those who were understood the mass efficiency that came with it. The ability for quick transportation and relatively low fuel consumption (compared to the train) combined to create a vehicle that skyrocketed in popularity and once again created a need for jobs and people to work on the assembly line to crete these innovative machines. Cars are used much more nowadays then trains for just normal travel, but trains ares till useful when wanting to support a large amount of supplies over a long distance. The steamboat was invented in 1807,but when it was originally released it was very flawed and almost

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