How Did The Industrial Revolution Change America

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By the early 1800’s America began transitioning from an agriculture based economy to industrial production. After Thomas Jefferson's’ Embargo Act of 1807 that cut off all exports from the United States, domestic production boomed. Americans were forced to depend solely on themselves, developing economic independence. Inventions such as Eli Whitney’s cotton gin and railroads lead to industrial production and textiles. By 1815 there were hundreds of textile mills, spurring the growth of the Lowell factory system. These mills placed close together, were designed to create model communities where workers, most commonly women, were housed. The founders promised a life where workers receive prepared meals and educational opportunities. But as the …show more content…

The transition to machine producing factories changed America completely. The Industrial Revolution and the Lowell system impacted America by creating opportunity for the rise of the working class, an expansion of the workforce, and the achievements of labor unions. The Industrial Revolution gave room for the social emergence of the working class and a new opportunity for self-independence among Americans. Before the Industrial Revolution, people had to be trained in a special field and worked in that field. Occupations such as craftsmen, artisans, and skilled workers spent years in apprenticeship to earn a living. The transition to a machine powered economy gave opportunity for anyone to make money easily. This was a positive impact for America because with little training, the common man could earn a living without struggling to buy land or years of experience. From this opportunity, the working class arose. With less skills necessary to work, more people became workers,

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