Media Influence On Parliament

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Influences on parliament
Influences on parliament is a factor that plays a very big role in creating new laws due to support and backing that some groups have which enforces their opinions and brings them in to the parliament. This helps them put their ideas forward and force them through the parliament so that they can become a law. There are 3 main influencers:
• Pressure groups
• Media
• Law commission
Pressure groups
These are group of people who have the same interests in terms of making the government change particular laws in some areas. They mostly seem to target local government officers, government politicians and last but not least civil servants. In order to build their support, they will use petitions to build up a strong hold …show more content…

There are many services under the media sector which includes Newspaper, TV and radios are the main parts to the factor as their coverage spans over a wider area unlike pressure groups.
The advantages of the media are that the parliament can also see what the public’s opinions are and see what they want much easier thus improving the decision making process by taking actions that the public will appreciate. Also, majority of the media services provided to the general public are free of cost and there is no need for a fee or a subscription meaning that more people are attracted to it, thereby they will use media services more and at the same time find out what is happening at the parliament and what it is doing. Since the public can see what the parliament is doing, they can criticise the laws introduced by the parliament in order to have them improved by portraying their opinions thus putting pressure on the parliament to evaluate their laws carefully before they are implemented in the real world. However, most of the media services provided seem to manipulate the information excluding the publics or the government’s true opinions and saying, therefore they portray false information and the public then perceives it differently to what the originator had intended. With media being such a big influencer, it lays a lot of …show more content…

Also, when proposals are brought forward it’s not just the parliament who gets to make the decisions but the law commission takes part to ensuring the proposal meets their requirements and solves the problem it has intended to solve in the first place before the final decision is made. Furthermore, the law commission is able to review and consider a whole particular law not just small parts of it or small issues ensuring that all issues big or small are rectified as quickly as possible. However, the law commission does not change the law but wait for a reform act which only the parliament does though this process of reforming is very time consuming and sometimes cases have taken upwards of years before they had even been reformed. Furthermore, when the government wants to reform an act, it doesn’t have to go to the law commission to carry out vital research on a particular law instead they can completely avoid them which can lead to major problems later on when the reform takes form and is applied to the particular it is for. Last but not least is that the law commissions research carried out on a particular case has the chances of being completely avoided as the

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