Why Are Interest Groups Powerful

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Interest Groups are individuals that share common beliefs/interest who actively attempted to influence policymakers. These groups are important because they generally support the political party that represents their own goals and beliefs. Most of the information they spread to the public is biased, but it does help the voters decide in what they believe in and what they stand for. As mentioned in the textbook American Government and Politics Today ‘’Today interest groups range from the small groups such a local environment organizations to natural groups such as American Civil Liberties.’’ There are many techniques that Interest groups use to get people to see and join their views, direct technique by definition from American Government and …show more content…

What makes an Interest group powerful? Most interest groups get their reputation from how big they are, from financial advantages, leadership but I think most importantly what makes Interest groups powerful is how they motivate and bring together their supporters. All of us have some topic we are passionate or interested in that could be heard by the government, many Americans join because they are motivated by the goals their group supports, in a way the interest groups help citizens have a say and be heard. As mentioned in the Political Science Cengage book something that really stuck to me and I believe can be true about the Interest groups is ‘’ they help bridge the gap between citizens and government’’ meaning these groups help people be a part of something they believe in, something they can freely express because that’s what our 1st amendment allows us to pursue the freedom of speech, of the press and the right to peacefully

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